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Special Event Application


Special Event is any organized activity that occurs, wholly or partially, upon
City of Newark Property and requires for its successful execution the provision
and coordination of City of Newark Services. 

apply to hold a Special Event complete and submit application to
.  Application not
submitted with this time frame will be subject to a late fee. The application
must contain all the required information and documents to be accepted for
processing. Providing there are no issues or concerns related to the processing
of your application, the special event permit will be issued within 20 work
days of the receipt of your application.


Applications, except for
First Amendment activities, require a
paid in the form of a money order, cashier’s check or certified check made out
to the City of Newark when application is submitted. 


Street or Sidewalk Closure-$50 per event. Special Events may require a Street Closure Permit in addition to other applicable permits if the event includes the closing of a City street or sidewalk.  Street Closures are required when an event will not comply with normal traffic regulations.

Upon receipt of an approval letter by the City of Newark, you will need to contact the Division of Traffic & Signals at (973) 733-3969 to arrange to pick up barricades for your event.

  • There is a $20 refundable deposit for each barricade that must be paid with a money order or personal check.  
  • The barricades must be returned within seven (7) days.  
  • Failure to return the barricades within seven (7) days will result in the forfeiture of the $20 deposit and require payment of an additional $55 replacement fee.
  • Citizens are not allowed to use their cars or anything other than a City-issued barricade to close a street.

Carnival, Fair, Festival, or Parade- $500 per event

  • Carnival:  Event with amusement rides and games or other entertainment.
  • Fair:  Exhibition and sale of goods with various amusements, entertainment, or educational displays.
  • Festival:  Feast, celebration, religious ceremony, or series of performances with food, music, or other entertainment.
  • Parade: Movement of people or vehicles from one location to another that requires a street closure or interferes with the normal flow of traffic.  Parades may include music and/or entertainment.

Procession- $75 per event, plus $25 per 1/3 hour or twenty (20) minutes after the first hour.

  • Organized movement of people from one location to another that does not use vehicles or require Street Closures but may interfere with the normal flow of traffic and/or require a police escort.  
  • Processions may include music but may not include amplified sound, marching bands, or other excessive noise; these activities require a Parade Permit.

Race, Run, or Walk- $500 per event

A competitive or non-competitive race on a City street and/or sidewalk, either on foot or using bicycles or other vehicles.

Demonstration- NO FEE

Event or gathering for the purpose of expression protected by the First Amendment.  Demonstrations may include public assemblies, rallies, protests, speechmaking, marching, or vigils. A demonstration will be deemed a Special Event and require applicable permits and fees if it is engaged in by 50 or more people, requires a Street Closure, or involves alcohol, vendors, fireworks, animals, or carnival rides.

Park Permit- $500 per event

Required for use of one of following city-owned parks: Lincoln Park, Washington Park, other.  

Wenger Wagon Rental (Mobile Stage): $750 per day and a $500 refundable security deposit. (See policy in the Appendix)

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